Highs (and Lows) Continued...

Because I Forgot Some Crap.

Forgotten Thing 1: I dressed up as a ghetto fabulous gangsta for an assembly this week and danced in front of half the school. My ensemble was complete with an over-sized jersey, a huge crown, a goblet (not a GOBLIN, although that would be SWEET if David Bowie showed up in stretchy pants), a gold cane with REAL (fake) diamonds, lots of rings, and fancy diamond shades. I laughed the whole time. At one point, I nearly peed my pants when a coworker bent down while wearing a viking helmet and I leaned over and nearly had an eye poked out by her giant horn. I almost peed when I TOLD her that her giant horn almost poked my eye out.

Thing 2: After, my students were all like, "That was TIGHT! You were TIGHT!" Which is fun. Because honestly, if I took those skillz out in public, I'd be booed. And people would throw things. And then they would take my plastic gold cane and break it.

Thing 3: After working 12 hours on Thursday I was driving home in the dark and the idiot behind me in a huge SUV was driving with his high beams AND his fog lights (with one fog light out which is actually what drove me carazy - get it? CAR azy?). Anyway, I have fog lights and only use them when it is foggy, which is almost NEVER here. But that night I decided to try them out and HOLY CRAP I could actually SEE! The headlights on old red aren't super bright but those foggers sure are. So now the fog lights might be non-negotiables, too.  But I promise I won't use them with the high beams.


Lacie Josephine said...

Your costume sounds hysterical! Congrats on almost being done with your thesis. I can't believe teachers at your school have to buy their own paper!? That's ridiculous!

Emily said...

Oh, it was fantastic, thanks! Yes, we buy paper...among other things. We also haven't received raises in three years. :(