I've got a couple.

First - Our (main) tree has been up since Saturday. Don't judge me. I freaking LOVE Christmas and wanted to be able to put up ornaments on Thanksgiving. We didn't know how long it would take to put up the new tree as it is HUGE (thanks mom). So Boyfriend did it early.

Second - I've been listening to Christmas music for a solid two weeks. Jeremiah hasn't started twitching yet so that's a good sign.

Third - Not really a confession but...CHAPTER THREE HAS BEEN TURNED IN TO MY PROFESSOR! Not that she won't send it back with one hundred things to fix, but STILL. Not that I don't have to add all the little details, but STILL.

Fourth - I lied to car dealers. I'm pretty sure they lie to me so this one is actually okay, right?

All right, your turn. 'Fess up.

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