Brought to you by the letter H: Humbled and Honored

If you don't like the mushy, gushy, inspiring, feel-good crap, stop reading...Now.

Today I got a call from a parent. She and I were discussing her son and his placement next year. Out of the blue, she asked if there was any way at all to get her younger child into my class for the upcoming year. She said she really wanted him to be in my class.

That she couldn't imagine anything better than having her two sons having me for a teacher.

Is that not the best thing ever? I've had a few requests before, but this is the first parent that actually called me to ask. Here is a woman trusting me with her most precious things ever.

We're always told that parents send their everything (hopes, expectations, etc.) with their kids to school. Those kids that we get are the best they have to offer. It's not like they keep the good ones at home or something. She is trusting ME to help her children learn, explore, teach others, and grow. She's trusting me with their future.

I feel so incredibly honored.

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