My New Band

I'm going to start a new music group.

The name?

Rock Satan's Baby.

How cool is that?

Jeremiah will be the drummer, bass player, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. I will be singing, playing the tambourine, and making sure there is enough cow bell (name the reference). Our focus will be Polish Punk Rock, so expect to hear lots of songs about ginchies, punchkies, babushkas, etc. Expect to see boyfriend wearing eyeliner and skinny ties and looking a bit emo. I shall wear my hair stick straight, plus lots of black clothes, and lots of makeup. I will not, however, wear skinny jeans. I don't think that would be fair for anyone.

But all that aside: We will rock. You will love us.

So I just have to tell you where I came up with the awesome band name. We were watching Rosemary's Baby on Friday night. I often offer up commentary while a movie is playing, which I think makes me even more lovable, but you'd have to speak with Jeremiah to find out his opinion...

Spoiler Alert (on a movie that is older than I am): as we are watching the end, the crazy witch people are encouraging Rosemary (poor chick didn't stand a chance, did she? I would have left when he started making those comments about the haircut.) to embrace her child and the fact that the devil himself chose HER (what an honor, I tell ya') to have his baby. At this point she heads over to the black crib (bassinet? can you tell I don't have kids?) draped in black scarves and it is very dramatic. She heads over there because the other woman that is trying to rock the spawn of Satan is rocking him too quickly. So she does it. She Rocks Satan's Baby.

Band name of the most awesome proportions EVER.

p.s. Please don't tell boyfriend about the eyeliner. Or the skinny ties. Or the fact that he might be wearing the skinny jeans. We haven't really discussed wardrobe yet.

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