Sneak Peek

There's been some updating going on at the casa. Check it:
First we have the gigantic frames with some fun prints inside. They decorate an entire wall.
Next, the fireplace transformation is complete. Primed, painted, and decorated. Bam! I haven't yet found a suitable mirror for above the mantel, so I'm not going to show the 'place in all of its glory. Just yet. Soon, I hope.
OOh. Trim. Ohmygosh. How we love the trim. This is what it looked like just set against the wall. Can you imagine the beauty when it is finished? Wowza.

We painted the front room a color called Ashen, but I prefer to call it Frappe. Oh la la. We love the color. Trim to be added this week. Also watch for the UGLY chandelier to be replaced with something much more Emilie. She's the Euro snob, remember?
Another fireplace picture. These glass whatevers came from SalArmy. I heart them. They sit atop the mantel.
Oh, the windows. How I love the windows. The roman shades I got super cheap on clearance at Lowe's. The sheer curtains are from Ikea. Super cheap, super chic. Can I get another Oh La La? No?
Look how cozy this little area is! I usually work on lesson plans in this little nook. Love. It.

So these are just some of the updates. Still to be finished: Rug for the back room, sanded and refinished tables, mirror, and lots of stuff in the front room. Be patient, my Russian friends, be patient.

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Di said...

Oh Em...reading this makes me miss seeing you! The house looks great and tres, tres european; oh la la!