Emily? Emily? Anyone? Anyone?

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Sometimes people just need a break from each other.

It's not your fault. Well maybe just a little. 

Things here have been busy. I even had a HOUSE GUEST for A WHOLE WEEK. Seriously. My first guest. I mean, everyone comes to visit Jeremiah and that's okay, I'm not bitter at all that no one comes to visit me. But this was MY guest.

I've learned a lot about myself in this time that we've had apart.

I'll share. Or not. We'll see.



It's on the table said...

Our fault? What did we do?? I would love to hear what you learned about yourself.

Emily said...

I joke. I just need some time to write.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to come visit you for a week...I would even settle for a few days. Maybe next year I can leave Tanner with the parents for a few days! Miss you!
-Sara P

Emily said...

OH, MY GOODNESS! Come anytime, you know that! Miss you lots! Was hoping to maybe drive down to see you this upcoming summer. Thesis should be done. If my health keeps up I would LOVE to see you! :)