B.E. & A.E.

Jeremiah is SUCH a lucky guy.

I decided the other night (while he was trying to fall asleep) that we should play "Name That Movie". I tend to have problems falling asleep so I like to keep myself entertained instead.

So I said "Where are all the good men dead? In the heart or in the head?"

And he named the movie. Which is probably why we are together. And I was all shocked and surprised that he got it because it wasn't a super obvious quote, like, "Our pets' heads are fallin' off!"

If you can name the second quote, we are probably destined to be friends. Maybe we already are. Maybe you need to leave a comment and tell me how you are super awesome and know the movie. If, however, you know where the first quote originated, we are most likely destined to be not just friends, but besties. I heart you already.
Following his righteous win, we had the conversation below:
Please keep in mind he was trying to sleep the whole time.

E: I can't believe you got that!
J: Of course I did. I used to own that movie.
E: You did? Really?
J: Yes.
J: I don't know.
E: Well, was it before we met?
J:Yeah, I guess.
E: So you might say that you had it B.E....Before Emily?
J: I guess so.
E: Like, how many years B.E. did you get rid of it?
J: Actually thinks about it - Um, It was probably 1B.E.
E: Sheesh. You should have kept it until A.E. and then I wouldn't have had to take my dad's copy of the dvd.
J:Yeah, too bad.

Conversation over.

And we now count time based on B.E. and A.E. Just saying. So for example, we moved into the house 4 A.E., four years after he met me.

So fun. No? Just me?

Anyone have any great suggestions for sleeping? I CAN'T sleep.

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