GVSU Lip Dub

I was working on my class work, I promise. Hundred times, I promise. But then I was on GVSU's website and I clicked on a link and ended up watching the lip dub. I don't know how. But I'm a sucker for a good dub. For those that aren't aware (and most of you probably are), Grand Valley is where I completed my second bachelor's degree and where I am currently finishing my master's (I have special permission to complete it long distance). Um, and actually, my whole family went there. Love me some Lakers. Anyway, if you need to procrastinate, check out the video. Drool over the campus because it is for sure beautiful. Bridges, bell towers, and trees, oh my!

p.s. And if you are feeling really procrastinate-y, check out this lip dub, featuring senior citizens and filmed/produced by GVSU students. It was on the Today Show. That's pretty spectacular. And pretty darn cute.

And if you want to see the one that tops them all, my all time favorite, click here


dzoellmer said...

Turns out the main guy, and his wife who kisses him before getting into the pool, are friends of the family.

Emily said...

Well who would have thought?! Who knows them?

Lacie Josephine said...

I love the retirement community one! Too funny

Emily said...

Those old people are so cute, aren't they?!