Part 2: San Francisco

Okay. I mentioned that right after our conference let out, we would shuttle our way to the BART station, BART our way to a streetcar, and head towards water. Pier 39, to be more specific. And actually, the first day we walked from the BART to Pier 39. Go us.

I think we figured that Pier 39 would have a little something for everyone. Food, entertainment, food, seals, food, shopping, and...food.
Jeremiah and I had our picture taken here one of the times we visited.
To be honest, I had a great time. I traveled with fun people, which makes a trip even better. At the same time (Scooby Doo says "rut row") I was a little sad that I wasn't re-experiencing all these things with CLH. I'd only ever been there with Jer and it just wasn't the same.
Sleepy Seals
I did get some fun pictures and loved being near water. Being in a desert for five years will do that to you. I also loved the mix of people and the various cultures. Plus, it just feels like a city. Phoenix doesn't have that feel to me. And at night? It got cold. I freaking loved it. I had to wear LAYERS. And I got to wear a (new) SCARF.
And just when you thought this post couldn't get any more exciting...
Ignore the bad picture and my many layers and my wispy hair. Focus on Zoltar, people.
ZOLTAR! From the movie Big! Remember? Zoltar? He had the power to turn that cute little kid into a cute young Tom Hanks! Wow. I was psyched. I didn't want to risk getting a bum fortune and then getting stuck that way, so I didn't get my fortune told or make a wish.
On the last evening, we strolled (I enjoying strolling while traveling. You go too fast and you miss things. Like the man that smelled of black tar heroin.) to Ghirardelli Square. Did we get sundaes? No. We were too filled with nommies from dinner.

So that was San Fran. The short, evening version. My only purchase (besides ice cream. A lot of ice cream. And salt water taffy. And fudge.) was some splurge-worthy lotion that smelled like heaven. Correction, smells like heaven. Sigh.

So I haven't been home much to post house-y stuff, but I still have some Michigan things to post, a chair to share, and some exciting food news. I'm also on the last leg of my class (my other one finished at the end of June, so I'm down to just the one, instead of two. Yay.) and it's a beast.

Anyone else traveling? Having an interesting summer?

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