Two Exciting Things

1. When I got Mel and had her initial visit with the vet, he recommended that I regularly trim her nails. Inward groan. I have two dogs that flip out over trimmin' time. Atticus is so bad we have to take him in to the groomers or the vet. And now a cat? It didn't seem like that was going to be do-able. I watched as he trimmed her nails for us and she just slumped there in his arms, letting him cut her nails back. I figured she was letting him do that because she was 1. secretly sick at the time and 2. scared. Or maybe he knew a cat hold that allowed him to work his magic.

Flash forward to Saturday at Target. I needed more litter for Mel (I have never in my life seen a cat go potty as much as this one. Holy tinkles, Batman.) and that's when I saw the kitty nail trimmer combo set. I sighed and threw it in the basket. Mel's nails had grown to epic proportions. They would easily get her kicked off of any domestic or international flight. Raptor claws.

I managed to put it off for a day. Sunday morning came and I was ready to try it. I picked up Mel (Who is squishy and rag doll-y. She kind of just flops when you hold her.) and showed her the trimmer. Not intimidated. I flexed her paws. She licked me. I trim the first nail, sure that all hell was going to break loose. No. She might have even yawned. Holy.Crap. Easiest thing ever. At one point she started gnawing on my knuckles, but not aggressively. More like, she was bored and my knuckles were close by to provide some chewing entertainment. At one point she looked at me like she was so bored she was actually pained by how slow I was.

Long story short - I have a cat that tolerates nail trimmings like a champ. But does anyone know why she chews? I wouldn't mind ending that.

2. After 29.2 years I have discovered that I...

like mushrooms! What are the odds? Okay, maybe not exciting or life-altering for you, but for me? Super exciting.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of fungus. YUM! Are you Michigan bound at all this summer?

Emily said...

I'm happy to join you in the fungus world!

I did go to Michigan for a bit. Due to some intense traveling before MI and huge amounts of classwork for two grad classes, I remained hermit-y and stayed close to home during the trip.

Thanks for the comment!