Holiday Update , Part 2.

As I mentioned, our front room this year has been done up right. The beautiful tree is from my parents and is pre-lit. Freaking wonderful. I decided to decorate with gold, silver, bronze, copper, and white. I love it.
The ornaments are clearance from Crate & Barrel, Target, World Market, and Pier One. There are also some on the tree that I've received as gifts.

Love the tree!
I think my favorite thing is being able to see it while I'm coming down the stairs/walking in the hall upstairs. Love.
How about you? Are you a one Christmas tree house? Do you change themes/colors every year?

p.s. Stay tuned, because we have a family picture coming up, as requested.


Anonymous said...

Your tree looks beautiful! We don't really have a theme. We have one tree that has red and silver balls/ornaments and various ornaments that we have received/bought over the years. When we take a vacation or go somewhere special, I try to pick a new ornament for the tree. I hope you and Jeremiah have a wonderful Christmas! -Sara

Emily said...

Thanks, Sara! I pick up an ornament when we travel, too! I love having the memories when I get the Christmas stuff out each year...makes it that much more special.

Merry Christmas, Friend!

Anonymous said...

Our tree is kid friendly. Carson did most of the decorating so the only things hanging up high are the breakables. Our tree looks like Winnie the Pooh exploded on it. I would love to have a second tree one day to hold all of those ornaments and another...more grown-up tree. :) Hope we can catch up sometime.

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment, Steph! I bet that your tree is beautiful! I can't believe how big the kiddos have gotten. Maybe this summer? I've been pretty healthy lately - fingers crossed.