Happy Christmas!

Basically, Jeremiah was in charge of using the timer. Which might be why he looks slightly deer-caught-in-headlights. While it looks chaotic, I should mention that it really wasn't. For me. Mel, even though she looks otherwise, was completely comfy. Atticus hopped up when I called his name. Jeremiah, on the other hand, had to gather his pets after hitting the button on the camera. And Maddie isn't even in some of the pictures because we accidentally locked her in the walk-in closet. Oops.
Maddie & Spike - obviously on patrol. Always.on.patrol.

I do MUCH better with Jeremiah behind the camera. I feel free to be myself. Have some fun. You know.

Emily: Do you know what would make this picture more exciting? Props! How about an antler?

Happy Holidays & Thanks for Reading!

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