Kitty Lovin'

I'm not sure at what point this happened, but at some point the cats began to give lovings. To each other.

They play fight a bunch, but they also groom each other. And cuddle. Maddie is a serious cuddler. That is, she is a cuddler when she takes a break from her all-around evilness. Have you noticed how orange her eyes are? Jeremiah and I were watching a vampire movie on Netflix and Jeremiah kept looking at the vampires, then Maddie. He thinks she's one of the undead.
Undead or not, I'm so incredibly grateful this holiday season that my kitten no longer scales my thighs like they are Mt. Kilimanjaro. That in itself is a gift not to be overlooked.

And personally? I see that she is growing almost daily, but her head isn't growing at all. It's like I'm raising Beetlejuice. Minus the sarcasm. And she doesn't grab her lady parts. But she does occasionally lick them.
Mel: I is tired. I is going to take a nap. Maddie: I is watching you and plotting evil attacks on your thighs.
Anyone else have beautiful/evil pets?

P.S. Last night I went to pick up some Christmas Angels and Jeremiah and I discovered that you can adopt an old person. I ended up getting tickets for four children (more on this later) and an old woman.  We picked a woman who is wheelchair bound and blind. She wants music, books on tape/cd, and a stuffed animal. I don't know if my heart broke or if it grew a bunch like the Grinch's. Please consider donating to a charity of your choosing this holiday season. If we all give what we can, it makes a difference.

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