FTVF - You Spin Me Right Round

Like a record, baby.

I come offering you a special gift. Not only is it From the Vault Friday, but it's going to be a two-fer. Because two is better than one sometimes. And also because I have two spin-y pictures.

First, I bring you the joys of hitting my head against the wall super hard - thank god I had on a helmet because otherwise I would have died. For sure. indoor skydiving.  I went with a group of friends several years ago. There is a place right outside of Phoenix where you can go do this. Or you can like, do the real thing. Except I can't. Because I would pee on everyone that was below me. And probably I'd poop myself, too. So indoors it was.

Oh, this is probably either right before/after I flew into the wall. The guy asked if I wanted to get out and I was like "Hells no! Nobody puts Baby in the corner!".
 I had so much fun but I sucked at it. Proof that I don't always have to win everything. Do you hear that Jeremiah? I don't ALWAYS have to win.

And then...

Are you ready?

Say it with me...

I did not actually wash Gnorm. But he loved the space age look of this picture. 

So there you have it - TWo eighties references, a road trip, and a cheeky little gnome. Happy Friday everyone!

Any fun plans? Can anyone think of something that is better solo instead of two-fer-ed? Ooh, like OVEN FIRES, Jeremiah. No one wants two oven fires. Actually, I'm guessing most people would prefer zero oven fires...

I am going to finish painting my room this weekend. I almost ran out of paint so I hinted to Jeremiah that I was out of paint and I thought that meant he would drive to Lowe's and get me more but guess what? No. It does not mean that (as a friend of mine says, "You really do live in your own special world, don't you Emily?" I sure as hell do, people.). So I will be getting the paint this weekend.


Stephanie said...

You crack me up

Emily said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I have been having way too much fun going through my old pictures.

Lacie Josephine said...

I love your gnome. My freshman year of college we stole one from this boys room and took pictures of him all over the place!

Emily said...

Thanks, Lacie! I think it is fantastic that you took the gnome and gave him some life experiences! Glad to see you blog again! Hope you are doing well.