FtVF - I will follow him.

Follow him wherever he may go.

Remember how I said that sometimes we are the winners in our relationship and sometimes we are the losers?

Poor Jeremiah. This is not really his day to shine. Or maybe it is not my day to shine. Something to ponder, I guess.

When people ask about when or whether we are going to have children (which, honestly is a whole other post and also? Unless you and I have braided each others' hair and had sleepovers, I'm thinking Dear Abby and Emily Post would not approve of you asking such a question. But I would probably answer you anyway because I am working on being nice.) I like to point out that we have FOUR pets. Three of which are extremely needy. As in, I don't remember the last time I've peed alone. Without a cat sitting in the sink watching or a dog begging to be pet. The other day Jeremiah had the day off and the dogs stayed downstairs with him while I showered and it was glorious. They are A LOT of work.

And you can tell me that I do not truly know what it is like to have a young child and all that work and you might be right.

But on the other hand, you probably do not know what pigeon looks like after a dog has barfed it up, and as of a few weeks ago, Jeremiah and I do.

So I guess at the same time we should both yell "You don't know me!". Then we are equal again.

Long story just to say that Jeremiah tolerates a lot.

One evening I caught Spike sitting behind Jeremiah while he was in the shower shaving.
My favorite part of this picture are twofold, actually. One, look how Spike adoringly stares at Jeremiah. Two, Jeremiah has underwear with dogs all over them and now tens of tens of people have seen them. Oh, p.s. That is not my shower. That is the shower that gives me claustrophobia.

This second picture is where we can all yell "Gnorm!". Or you can feel sorry for Jeremiah because I made him strap a gnome to his chest so I could take some pictures. It's like he is carrying around a tiny old baby. With facial hair. 
It says a lot about a man who is willing to wear a gnome for you.
That is really all I have today, friends. Here's to hoping Jeremiah isn't pissed that I showed you his panties.

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