Dear Student

Dear Student,
I will never forget that on the first day back from break, you brought me lots of chocolates. It might have been just the thing to keep that nervous breakdown at bay.
Your Teacher

p.s. I am working on painting MY room (studio? craft room? office?) right now and it is looking delicious. I'm in love. Jeremiah is resigned to the fact that I might never go downstairs, what with my jacuzzi tub and my special room (that sounds sort of like it has padded walls and has a lock on the outside but it doesn't, I promise). I've also been painting the halls upstairs, which has made a huge difference. Notice that I used "I". Jeremiah is a painting grinch. Plus he's horrible at it. I don't know if I'm peeved that he doesn't help or happy that he isn't getting in the way. A girl just has so many emotions at once, you know?

Anyway, more details and pictures later. I hope everyone else transitioned back to work a bit more smoothly than I did. Rough. Seriously. There *might* have been tears (even though I have seriously awesome students).

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