Definitely Related - A quick overview of a root word and some affixes.

Dear World,
Let's have some fun with words, shall we?

Finite = bounds, limits, certainty

The nice people that came up with this word threw some affixes on it and called it definitely.

So spelling definitely should not be an issue. If finite means certainty or limits, definite means with certainty or limits, and definitely means in a definite, certain, or limited way.

These words are all related.

Not a single version of any of these words contains an "a".

Please stop spelling definitely like this: definately. As far as I know, "finate" is not a word.

In addition, in a world where everything is spell-checked and auto-corrected, how does this word still get spelled incorrectly?

Anyone else tired of seeing a specific word misspelled?

That is all.

Five more days of school.

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