Because My Earlobes Weren't Big Enough

As I have been packing up my room (Everything has to be boxed and labeled as our school is being demolished the Friday school lets out. Yes, this does add an immense amount of stress.) I found a pair of earrings.

They were a gift from a student at Christmas and I have been looking for them all over my house. Well, big effing surprise, they were not even there. They were at school. The whole time. Still in the bag they were received in. D'oh!

These beasts are HUGE hoops. Huge. They are silver and then have a bead inlay, which consists of genuine fake pearls and a variety of seed beads (I think that's what they are called.) in turquoise, green, blue, and yellow.


Today I am wearing them because I always wear the jewelry that my students give me. No matter what, I wear it. Several times.


This is not going to help my giant ear situation I have going on, Friends.

Not at all.

Seven more days of school!

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Jeremiah said...

picture please.