So that's a no to the gummy worms?

I came in my room last week before school (with a friend who was walking around with me) and the guest teacher (who was approximately two hundred and fifty-one years old and filling in for me while I went to meetings) was trying to fit his entire plastic lunch box in my mini-fridge. Most people just put in the things that are necessary to keep cold. Nope, this guy wanted to put his whole box in there.


Coworker friend is already snickering.

Me: If you move out of the way a second, I'd be happy to rearrange some things to make room for your lunch box.
Him: In an old man voice. Oh, Okay. Who are you?
Me: I'm the teacher. I'm Emily. More snickering from the friend.
Him: Oh, Okay.
Me: Let me just move these sour gummy worms (typically these are not my treat of choice, they were for the students. But a few days ago I had that meltdown and ended up eating the pink worms out of the bag and I don't like the other colors so I occasionally try to pawn them off on others)....Would you like one?
Him: blank stare
Me: They are a delicious treat. I'm going to go to hell for lying. The citrus worms are disgusting.
Him: more blank staring.
Me: Okay. So I guess you don't want any. Let me just get them out of your way. Friend actually turning away to openly laugh. Probably laughing at both the old guy and me. 

So old people don't like gummy candy? That seems sad. 

This is what I get for trying to be nice. Okay, so not really nice, more like getting rid of flavors that I don't like,  but still.

 p.s. I came to work yesterday and Saturday. I have been at work everyday for the last eight days. I am really tired. I never want to pack again. Or unpack. Except that in two months I will have to unpack everything. I'm not asking for "Oh, poor Emily." but a little empathy might be nice. Because, yeah. It sucks.
p.p.s. I just got back from taking 29 students to the zoo. The temperature today was 109. Swamp ass and mountain dew.
p.p.p.s. Four more days of school!

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