10 in '10 Update

Totally should have done 20 in 10. 2010! I'm already four books in to my goal. Here's what I've read so far:
10. Marley & Me - Cried. So. Much. It is a great story about a horribly misbehaving dog. I thought a little of Spike (naughty dog) and a lot of Domino (best dog ever). Then I cried some more.
9. Plum Lucky - Completely hilarious between the numbers Evanovich book. Complete with a leprechaun.
8. Plum Spooky - See above. Minus the leprechaun. Plus a guy that has deadly toots.
7. Bright Lights, Big Ass - recommended by my friend Diana. Just finished it and found myself completely identifying with the author. And laughing while I was agreeing with Ms. Lancaster. That's the author, if you were having trouble figuring it out. I read a snippet to Jeremiah and I think he agreed. She doesn't like her neighbors, is a bit snarky, and has pet-children. She also has problems with rude people on their cell phones. We already know how I feel about that. Funny stuff.

And -

6. Calder Game - I've started this, but haven't finished it. It's a mystery for upper elementary/junior high students. So far, I'm enjoying it.

If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. I've got a bunch of paperbacks that looked good (I bought them for 50 cents at SalArmy) but suggestions are always fun.

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Diane said...

How about "The Book Thief"?