Oh, Look! It's a Craft!

While I was in Michigan (yes, again, I know that I'm behind) my mom showed me some cool fruit fabric that she had. My mom is multi-talented. She's got skillz. She can sew, photograph, whatever. She MADE her wedding dress. Can anyone else boast that fact?

Didn't think so.

So anyway, she thought it'd be cool to make potholders. More for me. It was a beginner project. So far I've made a pair of jammy bottoms, curtains for two rooms, and pillows. I can rock a homemade pillow, for sure.

And now potholder. Yes, I made one. I got slightly frustrated at one point and ended up taking a time-out while my mom undid some stitching.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

First we gathered the materials. Fruit fabric for one side, the middle stuff (stuffing? batting? I don't know.), and jeans for the back. Plus some stuff that goes along the sides. Trim?

Please notice that I'm not calling this a tutorial. I'm just detailing my adventures. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants, cross my fingers, hope it works type of girl.

Anyway, here's what I/we used:

 Um, and then I was supposed to cut stuff evenly and straight. I suck at this. But for this it was extra important because the trim needs to cover all three layers so the whole thing doesn't come undone.
 Here's the finished product. I thought it best to leave out the shots of me crying and pouting after I made an oops (which my mom turned into an Aha!).

I thought it'd be cool to use the pocket part of the jeans (lots of jeans on hand because my mom makes RUGS. On a LOOM.) so I could slip my hand right in there while I used it.
I think it is pretty and I'm getting to the point now where I can use it and not think of how I had some stinky moments while sewing it. I did NOT like the trim.

Anyone else got crafty skills?


Lacie Josephine said...

That's adorable!

Emily said...

Thanks. I need to work on my very basic sewing skills!