Headaches and Boobs

This morning before Jeremiah left to run some errands while I procrastinated on important stuff by blogging and pinteresting worked on my thesis and lesson plans he mentioned he had a headache. Being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I suggested that he take some Tylenol before he left.

I hear him open the bottle and then say, "I don't think these are right...". He then examined the bottle and discovered that he almost took my vitamins for women. With extra calcium and whatever, to increase a variety of things, including breast health.

I told him he was welcome to the vitamins, but he chose to get all huffy instead. He grabbed his things and left while I was all laughing hysterically and wheezing, "Wait, wait! Don't you want a healthy chest?"

So, he might not be coming back.


Jeremiah said...

I came back and to my surprise, you had stopped laughing.

Lacie Josephine said...

Hahaha....too funny! I bet he'll read labels before he takes things from now on.