Basket Update

This is more just me declaring that I get good stuff at a great price. A bragging session, if you will.

For $45 we got seven dozen tortillas (corn and flour, various sizes), five loaves of bread, coffee cakes, and our usual fruits and veggies basket. The tortillas are DELICIOUS. The flour ones we use to make wraps or burritos for lunch. The small corn tortillas we use to make our own taco shells. Fresh taco shells. I can't even believe it as I type it. I never thought that we would enjoy making so many of the meals that we've been making lately.

We've been getting some asparagus, which is nice. I love that there is some variety, so we don't get too much of a build-up or get tired of the same old stuff.

I've got a post on the way showing you Jeremiah's taco making skills, but for now...

Anyone else get some sweet deals on their produce? Anyone have a recipe that includes spinach? Or a good banana recipe? Please share!

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