Things NOT to Eat During Parent Teacher Conference Day

Today I'm here for twelve hours.


And I almost burned down the house this morning. I won't know for sure that we're in the clear until I get a call from Jeremiah saying that it's still standing. So anyway, after I gingerly set my (dead to me) hair dryer (Fire Starter, I named it.) on the front yard rocks, thinking that if the sparks kept flying a fire outside the house would be better than inside the house, I had to grab/make lunch. With damp hair.

So I grabbed last night's leftover taco meat (lean turkey) from the fridge and some mini-flour tortillas.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Spicy food while wearing restrictive undies (so I can look pretty)?

No. Not good.

I hope everyone else is having a less gassy day. Because really? Not good.

Who wants to share the whoopsy-est thing they've done this week? Probably no one but me. But, HELLO. If I can/will over-share, then you all can, too.


Lacie Josephine said...

If I'm gassy @ work I just blame it on the patients. I'm sure you could just pretend it was one of your scholars who let one! I'm not sure what to do when you're having the parent teacher conferences though?

Emily said...

I LOVE this! Blame it on the patients! Hahahaha!