We had a brief break from the outrageous temperatures. For a few days, I wore pants. We also latched the security door (My house isn't in the ghetto, this is common. Most houses here have metal security doors.), propped open the front door, slid open the slider (and used the screen door) and let the air flow directly through the house, as it is has been closed all summer and then some. It felt good.

Besties Maddie and Spike went on patrol for us. Spike was on people patrol and Maddie was on pigeon patrol. Such good pets.

 Except when they're not. Good pets, that is. Maddie decided to take her patrolling seriously and went up the metal door in hopes of somehow reaching the pigeon. Before admonishing her and removing her little claws from my pricey door, I took pictures. Notice that Spike has ditched her, not wanting to take the fall for her.

Atticus, of course, is willing to point out the naughty cat. Such a tattle tale. If he could speak, I'm guessing he'd be saying something like this "Choo are going to geet een so much trouble!"


Jeremiah said...

Funny Stuff!!
Spike and Maddie are one and the same.

Lacie Josephine said...

When we we first got here it took me forever to convince Brad that security doors didn't mean it was a bad neighborhood! Your pets are so cute!!

Emily said...

Thanks! They're a handful sometimes.