Wow. That Was Fun! Wait. We Won?!

This year my group of students are something else. Truly a great group. Always try their best.

And today was field day. The first game? We lost. Like, last place. Here's a replay of the convo.

Student: Miss Z?
Me: Yeah?
Student: I think we lost. We came in last.
Me: Yeah?
Me: Did you have fun?
All Students: YES!

Totally didn't care.

Next game we we came in second. We would have won but the group that was up was slightly uncoordinated and didn't know left from right. The rest of my kids?

Didn't care.

Water games - We won. Both games. And they didn't even know it. They were running around, giving everyone high-fives. And then they found out they won. So cute.

They were happy losing and they were happy winning. Totally great.

I took tons of great pictures of those little cuties. The best are the candid. Sheer joy.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday.  Now I am going to go rest for a few minutes.

p.s. If you are a long time reader you may remember that I fell last year during tug of war and my students rallied around me. Dusted me off. Cheered for me. I didn't fall this year. Good times.

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