Birthday Week!

Do you know what this week is?

Crap. I already gave it away.

Yeah. It's birthday week. Birthday 29.2. I liked my twenty-ninth birthday soooo much that I am reliving it for the third time this year. 29.0, 29.1, 29.2.

So far, I have had my cell phone issue taken care of by Boyfriend (He took it to the store and brought it back all better.). I also got earplugs & a nose plug for the pool. My facial holes don't close up when I swim. I blame the sinus surgeries. And aren't you glad I added the word facial?

And then today he cleaned dog barf off the bathroom floor - Spike ate a blanket that didn't agree with him AND he brought me home sunflowers. And some chocolate. And I got the crust from his piece of pizza.

So what will the rest of the week hold? Who knows.

I've got my birthday dress hanging in the closet ready for our Friday night dinner out. I've watched a video on a new way to try curling my hair. This sounds all fancy shmancy, but really he just takes me wherever I desire. And I am not a fancy girl. It's hard to be fancy when you have Minwax bombay satin stain on your legs. So anyway, I think one year I wanted Ihop. Cheapest date EVER.

So I hope (looks like Ihop) that everyone is having a great week. If you can handle it, I've got a post dedicated to my car coming up soon. Honoring the fact that two years ago this week I was in an accident (deep breath).

What's everyone else up to?

p.s. Oh, and the final piece of furniture has been purchased for my craft room. It is a huge, comfortable chair with a huge ottoman. I got it (like new & fifty percent off) at Salvation Army. They sanitize the furniture.  And it's name brand. AND it is the happiest chair (It is a fun, not stuffy, plaid. Pink & green, people!) I've ever seen and I've already moved into the craft room and let Boyfriend have the bedroom all to himself. The chair is THAT great. So comfy. More on the chair later. But do you know what the chair purchase signifies? I GET TO PAINT MY CRAFT ROOM!!!!

p.p.s. The chair went on top of the Subaru for the ride home. We got some rope to tie it up there. Jeremiah claims that now that we've got the rope, the car is invincible. It's got super-car powers. Look for it soon to have it's own comic book series, it's that great.


Cait @ Hernando House said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a good one and a great week!

I wanted to turn 21.3 in Feb but Robert wouldn't let me. Boo. (Also, I told Ryan he should turn 25 again last month when he complained about feeling old. He didn't get it. Love the kid, but sometimes he is too darn practical.)

Yay super car!

Emily said...

Yeah, it might be a guy thing. When I flipped out about turning 27 (those were the days) Jeremiah tried to comfort me by telling me all the musicians that died at 27. Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix, in case you were wondering. And it wasn't at all comforting.

Cait @ Hernando House said...

Yikes! Yeah, that is not comforting at all!

Anonymous said...

OK people, are you kidding me??? How about the BIG 55? Yep, that's me tomorrow! So don't even gripe about those lower numbers. Happy Birthday Emily! Hope you have a marvelous dinner and evening. I have a craft project (hopefully) to do next time you're in town. It's a really cool picture frame. I think you'd likey! Love you, Auntie

Emily said...

Ha! Auntie, I thought you were turning 35 this year? No? Thanks for the birthday wishes and happy birthday to you! Interested in hearing about your craft project! Love you!