Sad Teacher

 Seeing my room like this? Sadsies. But doesn't everything look nice all organized? Books grouped together? Tubs all neat? Pretty. Have I mentioned my OCD tendencies? No? Not necessary?

My tears have dried up. Yesterday was the last day of school and I was crying before I even reached my students. This has been such a great group of kids. Even Jeremiah commented that he doesn't remember me complaining about the kids once. Because I didn't. They were perfection in uniforms. They were put-them-in-your-pocket perfect.
Here's where I keep the desks.  So that they can "clean" the floor. Whatever. If the floor was truly cleaned, I wouldn't be able to look at it and say, "This is where J. barfed three years ago, this is where F. barfed earlier this year, this is where B. peed all over the floor." I fought for non-carpeted floors at a recent meeting about our upcoming remodel and they all looked at me like I was farting while picking my nose.

But back to the students. Every year we make necklaces out of yarn and paper plates. We wear them backwards and then students write compliments to each other. We then have our last class meeting and we read our favorite compliment and share one thing we've learned this year. And then I cry a little (again). Here's my plate. While I'm super flattered that someone likes my "blod" hair and I like the prediction of a good tan this summer, I welled up (surprise, surprise) at the "You're the best teacher I ever had." which came from a very reserved little guy and the "You are nice you use the microphone" from my deaf student.
It was a nice ending to a wonderful year.

On a happier note, today is the first day of summer vacation. I don't get three months like everyone thinks. I get about a month and a half (which is about seven weeks). Two of those weeks will be at conferences and much of the time will be spent on these classes I'm taking. Have I mentioned them before? Yeah...

As I was saying, first day of vacation. I got up when Jeremiah left (around six-ish?) and worked out for about an hour. People? It felt good. It was slow going for awhile due to a swollen ankle, foot, and leg, and I had to ice and elevate immediately after, but it felt GOOD. I haven't been able to exercise due to sickies and other issues for awhile so I enjoyed my time. And then I did about three hours of classwork. Jealous?

p to the s: I have a class of 28 students coming in next year. Twenty-eight.
p to the p to the s: Do you see my computers? Yeah. And then Jeremiah comes home talking about how they upgrade every other year or so and that they have ROOMS full of computers that are only two years old. And I tell him to shut up and put myself in time out.


Anonymous said...

Ugh to the numbers you have. As of right now I have a 1st 2nd split at McMillan. Bummed about the split and leaving Carson at Central. I just keep saying, I have a job...I have a job...

Emily said...

Sorry to hear about your split and leaving Carson over at Central. I keep saying the same thing. So many people are getting pink slipped here.