The other night Jeremiah and I were watching Dexter. We're sort of addicted. We just finished Season 4, and if you tell me anything about Season 5 I will stop talking to you for forever.


Anyway, this scene comes up (ignore the subtitles. unless you can read them, then good for you):

And next to me I feel Jeremiah shaking. Shaking. I look over and he manages to sputter out, "That's what it's like riding in the car with you!"

Thanks, Babe. Thanks so much.

And I will never apologize for singing in the car. Or for my love of eighties music.

p.s. I just want to clarify that I may sing in the car and wave my arms sometimes, but I never text while driving and very rarely even talk on the phone. Just some singing.


Di said...

We just watched that same episode, I can't wait until netflix sends the next disc! Enjoy your Dexter escapes!

Emily said...

Let me know when you get to the end of the season!!!!