Secret Love

I've had a huge crush for a while now. Jeremiah has known about it. He was even okay with it. I wouldn't exactly call him an enabler, but he certainly didn't do anything to diminish my crush. Ready? Here it is:
It's the reversible rug. From Target. Week after week, month after month, I would gaze longingly at the rug. Touch it. Sigh and walk away. Totally couldn't afford it. As we walked through on Sunday (Valentine's Day, I think it was fate) I noticed a small red sticker on the tag - you know the sticker. The CLEARANCE sticker. I kid you not. It was on clearance for only - wait for it - $12.00. I practically purred. I wouldn't set it down. Then I saw his little (but still handsome) brother and was like, "hello lover" - it was only $6. OHMYGOSH. I got them both. We're doing quite well, thank you. I'm not showing it/them in all the glory until the walls get painted. Get over it.

But I'm not finished. Because when it rains it pours - clearance stickers, that is! So we continue wandering around Target. I'm beaming like a proud parent and am feeling positively giddy. Then we see this:

$160 for the chair. On clearance. $27! It is so comfy and wonderful that I snatched it right up. I figure I can make a little cover for it once I finally get the craft room ready to go. Boy oh boy. What a day.

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