Halted Progress

I thought I would provide an update on the home improvements. That have come to a screeching stop, due to some ugly. More on that later. For now, let's just enjoy the pictures.
I decided to paint the fireplace. I know that some might consider it...wrong. I went back and forth on this and I decided I didn't give a flip. I think it will lighten the room. Right now, it is just primed. The wall surrounding it will be a silvery blueish greenish color.
I popped this picture in because it shows the different colors that I was considering. It also shows how open the staircase is and I truly love that I can sit downstairs and see all the way up (or vice versa).
Ceiling. Primed. And then priming halted.
Here is the hallway to the laundry room, garage, and the bathroom. It has already been painted. This will be the same color as the fireplace wall, and it is a touch darker than the rest of the walls will be. If the rest of the walls ever get finished. Because of...
THIS! I told you it would be ugly. It's like the story There's a Monster at the End of This Book. You kept looking at the pictures, knowing something bad was coming. Well, here's the bad. A leaky pipe. I had two plumbing companies that I didn't like. The second one gave me a $1200 estimate. I called my home warranty people and they'd had it with me. Imagine a lot of hands waving in the air, fingers being flipped at me through the phone, tongues sticking out, muting me and swearing. They were done with me. They let me choose my own plumber instead of one of their corrupt, well-researched, lying plumbing companies. I picked a guy that is the son of one of boyfriend's coworkers. He came out, showed us the leakiness, and will fix it for a fraction of the cost. 1/6 of the cost, to be exact.
So that is the progress and the reason the work stopped. I told you it was ugly, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, don't you think?

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