Oh, Yes. It's Time.

After months of looking at paint colors (I started collecting the little cards they have at Lowe's in May) and after months of trying to choose colors (once I finally knew I got the house) and after months of delays, final paint colors are being painted on the walls! Not primer! Not ceiling white! Actual paint! Take a look:

The fireplace wall is going to be an accent wall. The color is...babbling brook? I don't remember and I'm too tired to get up and check. Yesterday was the day that CLH (Common Law Husband) & I finally finished the ceiling with the new white color. Remember that previously the entire house, including doors, hinges, ceilings, etc. was bellow (beige-yellow).
So I know the color doesn't show up perfectly on camera, but it is truly beautiful. Makes me almost feel like it isn't my house. Even CLH has commented that he "REALLY likes" the color.
The next step was to paint the other walls the regular color, which I know is Morning Fog. Again, I know it isn't easy to see the color, but it is a shade lighter than the accent wall.
This last picture I included because it shows the hallway (which is painted with the accent color) the arch is painted the regular color, the ceiling has been painted a pretty white and there is a tiny sneak of the bellow paint and primer on the closet door because I stopped at the archway.

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