10 in '10

I have a goal. I figure sharing it is the best way to keep me to it. Ready?

My goal is to read ten books in 2010. No biggie, because I read all the time. Here's the thing - No rereads can count as my ten. That's where the problem lies. I read books all the time, but they are usually a sort of comfort book - easy to read, I enjoy it, I've read it before. I chose ten because it is a nice even number, it goes with the whole 2010, and it is an attainable goal. No sense in setting the goal too high and then facing an inevitable failure.

I've started my first book: Marley & Me. So far I've cried twice. I love it. I figure I'm good, because I know that the dog is going to die. It's not going to be a surprise. Yeah, right. I'm still going to be a crying mess.

That's my goal. Half a book down, nine and a half to go.

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Di said...

I just read "Bright Lights, Fat Ass" I can't remember who it was by but it's a memoir about a girl in Chicago and how life isn't really like "Sex and the City." I thought it was super funny. So if you have a chance check it out!