Love Birds

So Jeremiah got me these bird salt/pepper shakers for Christmas. It was sort of like this when we walked out of the store. Me: "Tell me right now if you aren't going to get those for me. I want them and I will go back in the store RIGHT NOW if you aren't going to come back for them." Boyfriend: "Just get in the car." I took that to mean that he would get them for me and he did! Want to see my shakers?

Don't you love them? I've always been a little chickadee and I've always liked to watch the birds, but lately I've been bringing them into my house, so when I was at Salvation Army on Saturday and saw this...

I thought, oh.my.gosh. and picked it up immediately. It was a dollar. One dollar. It matches my shakers perfectly. I don't have anything else to say. I'm just in love with my little white birds.

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