Check Out My Knobs

I have to tell you that a Hobby Lobby opened recently near my casa. One Saturday when I was feeling a bit blue, a sweet man of the boyfriend variety suggested that we go check it out, hoping to lift my spirits.

First, you must understand that any grand opening is scary, but a crafty store grand opening might be the scariest thing ever. I don't recommend checking it out alone. You need someone there to hold your hand. There's all sorts of people there, just pushing & shoving & not following the bubble of personal space rule. You've got the kids, teens, etc. You've the got the crazies looking for a bargain (oh, lord I sort of fit in that category. I just don't push or shove. I'm very orderly in my shopping and bargain hunting, I promise.), plus the guys with their gals that would rather be ANYWHERE else, the guys looking at the model building stuff, little granny and grandpa types...You get the idea. All types of crazies. And it is okay for me to say that because I put myself in one of those categories.

As we are wandering through the store, Jeremiah points out that they have an aisle dedicated to knobs. Knowing I was looking to update some knobs, he steered us down the aisle where I found these little buggers:

So we got the E & J so we can use them on our new desk (that was only $15 at SalArmy). I'm just showing a close up until we get the remodel done on the desk. Then I will do a before and after for you.

I also wanted you to see these:
The entire house was/is filled with these cheap brassy knobs. Ick. I've been having that boyfriend of mine replace them as I am painting. We bought these as replacements:
Brushed nickel instead. So much prettier & much more me. I'm done discussing my knobs.

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