Ah, Crap. Part 2.

I am still sick. Whatever I had must have been brewing for awhile. The pain near my ear (that I've had since January) morphed into a very serious and painful ear infection that rivals one I had as a kid (I had/still have lots, but one in particular was a doozy). I remember staying at my grandma's and using my Pound Puppy to hold against my ear.

Stabbing, throbbing pains. I'm miserable. And working. Because I'm too dumb to take two days off, which is what they recommended.

And I'm quite angry because I knew this was coming and neither my specialist OR doctor listened. They told me in January that I was fine. Idiots.

And Jeremiah is sick. He got it from me and it is a beast of a sickness. I have a theory about the sicknesses that I catch at school but I have to keep that to myself.

I'm now on the most powerful and disgusting antibiotics ever. And last night I woke up and I was standing next to the bed asking Jeremiah to turn on the light because I saw spiders all over the headboard. We don't have a headboard (yet). So add some sleep-standing/hallucinating to the mix. And Jeremiah doesn't even remember, because I'm sure he's feverish and exhausted.

That is an update on what's going on with us...how's everyone else?

p.s. I got some very cool chairs at Goodwill this weekend when I briefly went out of the house. And I'd still like to share a video of the house. I just need to get better. Fingers crossed.

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