So, Yeah.

I have a car covered with sawdust to vouch for the fact that STUFF has been happening here. Jeremiah said he figured it would just blow off once I started going fast enough. Sadly, I did zero highway driving last week so I ended up driving around in a sawdust-y car.

Anyway, Jeremiah has sanded a bunch of solid wood furniture and I am actually looking forward to restaining and refinishing them.

Plus, we took a field trip on Saturday so pictures to follow.

Mel is proving to be quite the oddball. On Saturday morning she fell when the pigeon that she was watching frightened her. She knocked stuff over and that scared her more and then she ran and hid in the bathtub. And fell in.

That evening she was chasing me (chasing is her great love) and went too fast around the corner. She fell down some stairs.

This morning as she gingerly stepped towards me in the bed she fell off the side. Sat on the floor purring for awhile.

Seriously, zero grace.

Now I am going to eat a fabulous meal prepared by Boyfriend. I am tired as we both were up at 3:45 this morning. Jeremiah to get to work early. Me to register for my last few classes at GVSU. That's its own story. Grr. Then it rained at worked and I lost most of my lunch break (because we watch the kids when they don't get recess) and didn't receive any planning today. Twenty minute break in a full work day. That was my lunch break. That's it.

So I am going to eat and watch tv and sleep. Lots of sleep.

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