If I Could Turn Back Time or Why I Am Not a Good Alarm Clock.

I'm prefacing this story with the fact that NONE of this would have happened if Jeremiah hadn't left his phone charger at work. But he did. The following events are actual. Names have not been changed.

Yesterday evening Jeremiah searched like a crazy man looking for his charger. He even got mad at ME (insert shocked face, big innocent blinky eyes HERE) for having so many chargers for my phone (What can I say? My brother takes care of me.). To solve the problem (as his phone beep beep beep died), I told him that I would sacrifice my sleep and set the phone for him. 4:20. In the morning. Aren't I a good girlfriend? I'm thinking this will earn me the girlfriend of the week award...maybe even girlfriend of the month.

You need to understand that it has been hot here lately. In fact, Jeremiah has been in the pool twice. We had a competition to see who could go without AC the longest. I caved this afternoon. But last night, we went to bed and it was almost 80. I had the sweats. Miserable. I was so hot I couldn't sleep.

But eventually I did sleep. And at 4:20 the alarm went off and Jeremiah got up and left for work (He normally doesn't go in that early, but he needed to leave early so up he gets). At this point I realized that I: 1 - had to pee and 2 - couldn't find Mel. So I used my phone as a flashlight and went searching for the cat. Found the cat. Also found that my phone said 7:20 AM. Hmmmm... Interesting, because it was completely dark.

So I turned the screen off. Then on. 7:21 AM. No shit. So I hit airplane mode to get rid of the satellite service. Turned airplane mode off. Sure enough, it wasn't 7:20 AM. It was 3:20. In the morning. I had sent Boyfriend off to work at 2:55. In the morning. I lost my girlfriend of the week award. And girlfriend of the month? Forget about it.

It took me a few hours to fall asleep after that. Guilt found me and wouldn't leave, and neither would the dogs (who get in bed whenever Jer isn't there) and Mel. I was surrounded by furry reminders of sending my boyfriend to work in the middle of the night (thank goodness he works in a building that is open twenty-four hours a day and he was able to do his work).

Fast forward to seven and Jeremiah calls to get me up for a morning appointment. First thing he says? "Hey, so guess what time I got to work this morning?" and I start laughing and apologizing and he keeps saying, "I kept looking for Michelle (he only works with two other people) and wondering where she was..."

So all that to say that I don't know what happened to my phone. It went floopy. And let this be a reminder to all of you - keep extra chargers. You never know when or where you might need one. And never let me serve as your alarm clock.

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