MIMs the Word

While Jeremiah's parents were here, we were trying to think of things to do. Boyfriend eagerly suggested the MIM, the Musical Instrument Museum. It was a no go with his folks, but I told him that I would go with him at a later date. The next day at work, I was sent an email that for the entire month of March, teachers and a guest could see the MIM for FREE. F-R-E-E-E (name that show). I forwarded it to Jeremiah, who sent back a slightly explicit email detailing how happy he was. And then we waited for our ailments to pass us by and during my spring break we went. Here:
And I'm not sure if that is stone or marble or what, but I love it. The building is beautiful. The museum opened last year and is incredible. You get a headset that automatically tunes in to whatever exhibit you are at and you hear the instruments/music from around the world. Very cool.
I took literally hundreds of pictures. Here are just a sampling. I'm saving my best for Shuttercal. I'll be posting a MIM picture daily next month. My calendar (for those interested) is the letter e and my last name. It can be found under user list.
Room of guitars. Plus Air Guitar, which was posted next to an empty guitar case. Jer and I thought that was pretty funny.
I'm a fan of DIY & Repurposing, so you know I loved this hat with beads and bottle caps.
And this hat? I'd wear it. Totally.
The sign that showed how many languages are used in Africa just amazed me. Holy Wordsies, Batman.
The instrument below Jeremiah dragged me over to because he wanted to prove that it was made out of a bull's scrotum. Nice. Not so much for the bull...
I loved the display in the Mexico area. HUGE. Day of the Dead stuff. And I giggled as I listened to two little old ladies discussing how inappropriate the display was. And I wondered if they ever decorated their children/grandchildren for Halloween, which has zero spiritual significance, while Day of the Dead does. Just sayin'
I really got into all the detail in these pictures.
There might have been some welling of tears in the eyes when we got to the part of the museum where they displayed different memorabilia from different artists and we came across the piano that John Lennon used while writing Imagine.
The last part of the museum that we visited was a hands-on room where everyone could try out some of the instruments that were seen throughout the museum, including these drums, a gong, and a variety of others.
And on the way out I saw a map of the world done in stone. Yes, Michigan.

That was our FREE field trip. Boyfriend and I had a great time. Anyone else have a fun excursion recently?

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jeremiah said...

John Lennon's Piano...super cool!!