Oh No He Didn't, or The Thief in the Kitchen , or Kitchen Etiquette

Yesterday night in my most tired state ever (I've started my first week back - no students yet, but still! It's never easy to come back) I rinsed my tupperware that had housed grapes for lunch that day. Then I set out the newly cleaned 'wares for today's grapes. That way, when up I gets in the morning, I don't have to do it then.

I'm smart like that, yo.

Imagine my surprise when I go downstairs (after exercising for nearly an hour) to have breakfast and finish making my lunch only to discover that boyfriend had taken my freakin' tupperware and used it himself. And then left.


Looks like it's Ricky that has some 'splainin' to do this time. Completely threw me off my game. I tried to explain why I was upset to the dogs, but I honestly don't think they cared. Typical males. I hate being outnumbered!

So anyway, I had to dig for a clean container and will now be completing a kitchen etiquette list for Jer-dog.

Because, also? Guess who doesn't exercise for almost an hour (in the wee hours of the morning)?

Boyfriend. The dude totally had the time to get his own tupperware.

p.s. please stayed tuned for "oh no he didn't, part 2" as we analyze Boyfriend's attempts to "quietly" come to bed after I've already hit the pillow. Boys. Boys. Boys.

p.p.s. please note that I can't be too snarky to the boy 'cause he hung my sconce yesterday (that took me months to pick out) while I was at work. Any guy that will risk taking some voltage for you is totally worth keeping.

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