Oh No He Didn't, Part 2

The same week. Earlier, though. Jeremiah says he'll be staying downstairs for "just a bit longer" while I go upstairs to try to get some sleep as I am exhausted (first week back at work and all).

How long do you think a bit is? Do you think it is AN HOUR?

Because that is how long he was downstairs. Now remember, I was super tired. SUPER TIRED. I read a little, thinking he was coming upstairs.

Finished reading. Turned on a dimmer light so as to not be bothered when he comes upstairs.

Then it happens. I actually fall asleep. It usually takes me hours to fall asleep, but not this time. I was completely out. And then I hear this, stage whispered, "AAAATTTTIIICUUUUUSSSSSS! SPIIIIIIIIIIIKE!" and then, "TIIIIMMMMMEEE FORRRRRR BEEEEEDDDDDD!"

Okay. Are you kidding me?

But it gets worse. The hall light is turned on. So bright. The lights. He brings Dumb and Dumber in the room, crates them. Then he walks to the bathroom and turns on the glaringly bright lights before he even closed the door. The lights could light up Broadway. They are that bright.

And I am now completely awake. Boyfriend? He falls asleep in about ten minutes. I was up for two more hours.


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