Seriously, What is This?

If you know what this is, you win a hundred AZ points. They aren't really worth anything. It's like an AZ driver's license or the speed limit signs. Just for show.

But seriously, what the flip type of shrub is this?
It is blooming like crazy and I love it and it smells like hay (which is weird - totally sweet smell, not at all floral). You can see that it is slightly powdery greenish/blue in color.
So please, help a sister out. If you can identify it, please do. De-lurk and tell me, just this once.

p.s. This week I worked on teaching my third graders how to tie their shoes. And we are learning our phone numbers and addresses. And lastly, we learned the hokey-pokey. You know, left & right, body parts, etc. That's really all I want to say about this week at school.