Sew These are the Pillows...

Okey Dokey. One of my goals is to do at least one crafty/housey thing each week. This last weekend, I mentioned that boyfriend and I were uber crafty (or artsy, in boyfriend's case) and productive.

I made pillows!
This first pillow I actually did a bit more work to after these pictures were taken (I tightened up the edges/sides to make it fit more snugly around the pillow guts). I used a blue fabric with a fun, retro-y print on the front. I grabbed some felt while I was at Jo-Anne's and used that to make an E. Jeremiah asked if I used a stencil or anything. The answer is no, I free-handed it. Tip: I use white-eyeliner to draw on the felt. Comes off with a bit of rubbing.
On the back of the pillow is a brown fabric with polka-dots. I folded the front fabric over so that the guts could easily be removed when it was time for a wash.

This next picture is the second pillow I did. I actually found the pillow case (I got two of them) at Target on clearance for about $2.50. I bought them with the intentions of decorating them a bit. Which I finally did!
I used more felt that I purchased on Saturday, eyelinered myself some flowers, did a super fun stitch, then I grabbed the left over brown felt, made two small circles, and did ANOTHER fun stitch.
So there you have it. My craft project for the week. I love the pillows and I love that it is something I created. I'm pretty darn proud of myself!


Diane said...

Great job on the pillows! I'm proud of you - and happy that you're putting your Christmas present to such good use :-)

Diane said...

Sew....when I looked at the second picture, I thought the strip of white dots was some trim that you had sewn on but after looking at the rest of the shots, I realized that it was sun coming in through the windows. Remember, we don't see the sun that often here.