Artsy Fartsy

This weekend, even though boyfriend and I are completely sick (some of us are now in the getting better stage...those of us that were the ones that brought the plague into the house in the first place - me), we have been completely productive. Call it the cool weather (98 degrees) or call it a need to be artistic, but we kicked some serious ass this weekend.

Saturday we picked up materials so we can make our own drum shade for our dining room light fixture. We also got materials so I could sew some pillows. I also found a pillow I liked at Target and picked it up for clearance cheap. One with pets can never have too many pillows.

There was also a trip to SalArmy where I scored some cool glass items - pictures to come. And Goodwill, where I scored some picture books on the cheap for my students. I'm going to be using a lot more picture books than I've ever used before.

Saturday afternoon I perfected my Midwesterner's tan and hung out in the pool while Jeremiah had a fellow musician over to play some music. The guy (Tom) plays...bass. They sounded great, even from outside. I'm not really worried about the neighbors complaining considering the going-ons of the neighborhood. I can't compete with stabby house, barking night and day house, or chain saw at five in the morning house. Those asshats (my new favorite word, borrowed from Jen Lancaster) had it coming. Anyway, boyfriend had fun.

Then today we sat around in our clean house, relaxing. Boyfriend played some music and cleaned the bathroom. I did some laundry, lesson plans, and...sewing. I sewed up a storm. Totally tried out some fun features on my sewing machine. Pictures to come.

Anyone else do anything creative this weekend?

P.S. It looks like my mom wins the AZ points. Purple sage was her guess and it looks like she might be right. One website claimed the sweet hay scent I liked so much wafting from the sage actually smelled like breast milk. I was a bit disturbed. I really don't want people to think that our backyard smells like juice squeezed from a boob (Friends, anyone?). I prefer to consider the scent as hay-like.

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