Analyze This

Take a look at the picture. The whole family together on a canoe trip. Mummy is obviously the photographer here.
Did you notice that my brother is the only one that received a life jacket? What the heck. So I came up with two reasons that this could be.

1) Adam was, obviously, the favorite, or
2) I was fearless and/or stubborn and wouldn't put a jacket on.

Then Jeremiah introduced reason number 3...
3)Maybe Adam was the only one they thought might try to get out of the canoe.
(Pretty dead on considering boyfriend and brother have never met.)

p.s. I know I have a fem-mullet. It is NOT my fault that my hair didn't grow in right away and that when it did it totally grew on the sides and not on the top. I was all, "business in the front, party in the back" for quite awhile.


One Red Arm said...

I would probably agree with Jeremiah, although I haven't met brother either. Do you happen to remember why you were towing a milk jug? My guess is that it was a toy to keep brother busy.

Your mullet doesn't look too mulletish, so not to worry. The Kentucky Waterfall was popular back then so you should be happy that your parents were keeping up with the times. :)

Diane said...

I'm pretty sure it was mostly #2 and some of #3.

Peace.Love.Life...in Arizona. said...

Ohmygosh. Kentucky Waterfall? Hilarious. I had to ask my dad about the jugs ('cause I had one, too). They were toys.

Diane said...

Okay, not to be defensive here BUT your hair took so freakin' long to grow to any length AND you didn't want it cut - hence the "look".

Peace.Love.Life...in Arizona. said...

Hey! I'm not placing blame on anyone! That's how it grew. It's how I rolled.

I DO, however, appreciate the barrettes, mom. Like the one in the B&W on the right side of the blog. I think those helped.