Weekend Finds

This weekend we went out searching for wainscoting, shower strips, and something else. I forget what. I asked Jeremiah who was driving. He was, of course. So we hopped in the Ford. Do you know what fits in his Ford? Not much. We stopped first at Salvation Army, which we all know is hit-or-miss. I shop there all the freakin' time because that's what it takes to find the good stuff. Or the crappy stuff that I try to fix up to be good stuff.

Anyway, we spotted this at the same time:

As you can tell, it is hugely tall. It leans like a ladder against the wall, and has things to attach it to the wall so it doesn't slip. And the mirror can be tilted so you can see your whole body, which is great, because I hate getting ready for work and not knowing how things are looking below my waist. I stand on the edge of the tub to see everything. I am imagining it a dark brown to match my shelves and dresser that are already at home in the master bedroom. So I peeled the tag off (that's how you claim the heavy stuff at Sal. Army. Take the tag.) and kept looking. And by that, I mean I turned around and saw this:

It's not actually a black chair, but a smokey dark brown. So pretty. And sturdy. And heavy (I know because I had to carry it through the store and to the car and I had to stop several times. But part of that could be because I have no arm strength. Sad but true.). Perfect for the desk. I might not even refinish it, I like it that much.

And the next aisle:
I found these. We've been searching for matching nightstands since we moved in together. By "we've" I mean "I've". I'm sure Jer hasn't been losing sleep over this. I like that they have drawers AND a shelf, so I can store unsightly items and keep things looking tidy. I imagine them being either white or dark brown, to match the other furnishings. I'm slightly worried about things being too matchy-matchy, so I'm leaning towards white. And new knobs because the ones on there already? No.

I should mention that each item gets the Jeremiah stamp of approval before it goes home. He does such a nice job of checking sturdiness, craftsmanship, etc. He flips things upside down, pulls out the drawers (hahaha...that sounded dirty.) and makes sure I'm (we're) getting a good deal.

The funny thing was that the only thing that fit in his itty-bitty car were the nightstands. That's it. And it peeved him (sorry, babe). He was NOT happy. It must be a man rule. Thou shalt have a car big enough to haul crappith.

It made me laugh (again, sorry, babe) that it was MY car that ended up being driven back to the ghetto later that day to pick up my finds. We didn't even have to fold down the seats. Subaru Intervention (again).

Those were the weekend bargains. No shower strip STILL. Heading into week four of "Ohmygod, there's a boy in my bathroom!".

The price breakdown looks like this after the 55% off sale they were having:
Mirror & Shelves - $23
Two Nightstands - $7 a piece, for a $14 total
Chair - $5? I'm not sure.

What do you think? Anyone else like to bargain shop?

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