Donating Items

I felt well enough today to head out a bit with boyfriend. He had cleaned out a closet and I had cleaned some stuff out of the garage and master suite and I gathered FIVE bags full of clothes and other stuff. Mostly clothes.

When I got Mel I was reminded that the Arizona Humane Society has thrift shops. And they take donations. Of your crap. And then they sell it. And the money goes to save animals.

Here's the unpopular truth. I like animals more than I like most people. They are honest and forgiving and loyal. Mostly. And they don't tell secrets. And they don't laugh when I try on pants and they are too tight. And they help me clean up messes in the kitchen. And Jeremiah, bless him, does NOT run around in circles and jump around with his tongue hanging out when I get home.

So anywho, our donations usually go to Salvation Army. Or Goodwill. But they get so many donations. Our donations this time went to the Arizona Humane Society. When we went in, it was super busy and it was in a needy area, so I felt good about making the donations.

Plus, I found a great board game, Lush shower gel (!), and a beautiful white dish with lid for a total of $2.75.

I mention this because I was thinking of my brother who recently moved and was debating what to do with his stuff that he wouldn't be keeping. He wanted a non-denomination type of center. As an animal lover, it didn't even occur to me to think that a shelter could use my stuff, but they totally took it all. If you are looking to donate some items, you might consider your local shelter. Even if they don't take clothes, they usually are in need of office supplies, blankets, cleaning supplies, etc.

Just a thought. Not trying to be preachy. Just trying to do some good.

p.s. Aerosmith on vinyl. AND we've been cleaning. We're having company later this week, so we've been picking up around here. Maybe a video house tour? Hmm...

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