Weekly Update

Monday (Valentine's Day) - Valentine's party with students. They are wonderfully sneaky and excited. As I step out of the room, they tippy-toe over to my desk and deposit red, pink, and white gifts and candies. I have a very great group of kids this year.
Took Mel to vet. Everyone fawns over her. Vet asks if she is sick. Nope. Sneezing? Nope. Discharge? Nope. Trims her nails (which she tolerates). We leave.

Monday, ten minutes later - Mel starts to sneeze on the way home. With nasal discharge. I sigh, we get Chinese food, and watch Weeds.

Tuesday - Mel is full-blown sick with URI.

Wednesday - Jeremiah picks up meds for Mel. I have conferences. I am now sick.

Thursday - Twelve hour workday. Conferences until 7:15. Sicker.

Friday - Sick.

Saturday - Sick. And Jeremiah worked on the shower - yay! I watched a season and a half of The Cosby Show, which I consider to be an accomplishment.

And that's the week. Super busy. Cross your fingers that the shower is now leak-free. Because that means we can move on to the next step, which (I think?) is plumbing/installing tub!

Hope everyone else had a better week. I'm excited to have Monday off.

p.s. Mel? She's a nibbler. Love bites. I think it is funny. Jeremiah? Not so much. 

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