Same Week, Different States

So last week, while I was snapping shots like these:
(Yes, that's the gnome again. Yes, Jeremiah was okay with carting him around on our bike ride for picture taking purposes. )

Here's what my mom was snapping in Michigan:
That's my dad. Doesn't look old, does he? We've got good genes in this family. No joke.

Anyway, in case you didn't know, they had a blizzard. Look how high the snow is! I'll freely admit that I'm way jealous.

At one point my mom thought that my dad fell through the ice while he was out on the lake. Apparently, according to dad, she worried. I told him that was probably a good response. If he had actually fallen through, indifference wouldn't be a good thing.

Isn't it funny how the grass is always greener? I know that if I was in MI, I'd be loving the snow but eventually tire of it and wish for sunny days. And here, I get excited to the point of tears when it clouds up, rains, or gets foggy.

So share. Or not. Tell me what type of weather you experienced last week. Were you involved in the Blizzard of '11? Did you see sunshine all freakin' week long, like me? Something in between?

p.s. Didn't mean to insult the padre. When I say that he doesn't look old, I mean he doesn't look his age. Because he doesn't. Sorry daddy-o.

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