My Swagger Wagon

Maybe you've seen the commercial for the swagger wagon?

My swagger wagon is actually a wagon, not a mini van. And Jeremiah doesn't rap with me. But I haul some suh-weet stuff in my ride.

 Like when we replaced our island with a more functional one from Ikea. Popped it in the Subaru. Like that, yo.
And when I got the jacuzzi tub $700 off the original price? Threw it in the back of the Subaru before the nice man could change his mind.

I just thought I would share some Subaru love with you. Because I do. I love my car. Probably more than is normal. And this year, my car turned 15. Fifteen. Oldest car in the school parking lot. By far. Let me just quickly point out that my 15 year old car has fantastic heated seats and many other perks that some "nicer & newer" cars around don't have.

Anyone else love their car an obscene amount? Anyone get a new car? Anyone own a car that is older than mine?

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